Danger The danger of electric shock is commonly known. A damaged equipment, sudden overvoltage, electricity leakage to the housing or simple carelessness can be the direct cause of electric shock. In majority cases just touching a live component is enough to cause a serious accident. The electric current flows from the live point through the human body to the ground. The direction of electric current flow "to the ground" is related to the design of power supply networks, which use the zero potential of the ground as the neutral point.

How can we protect against it Special separating devices (MBI600) are used to prevent electric shocks caused by touching live elements. Such devices separate the supply voltage from the power supply system so that the ground is no longer the neutral point. Thanks to this accidental contact with one live point does not result in the electric current flow, because the circuit is not closed. Device.

Device The MBI 600 barrier is a high-efficiency modern device. The use of toroidal transformer enabled to lower the emission of electromagnetic waves and reduce the device dimensions to the necessary minimum. High efficiency means low heat emission, thanks to this the device does not require a cooling fan and operates noiselessly. Despite its small dimensions the MBI 600 barrier enables connecting six independent devices (providing the total power consumption does not exceed 600VA).

Ergonomy and comfort MBI 600 model is more than just small dimensions due to the use of toroidal transformer, but also a very low level of noise during equipment operation, small losses and thus the high efficiency, low electromagnetic field leakage and natural heat convection. Low height of the device makes it easy to install and practically unnoticeable once in place.